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Leading research shows that rapid, collaborative communication and decision-making is the cornerstone of excellent patient care. Major medical centers within the VA need a modern-day enterprise Clinical Collaboration Solution (CCS) to drive patient safety, more efficient care and cost avoidance.  Standard Communications has a history of delivering the very latest in CCS technology to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Our CCS includes Clinical grade Apple iPhones with IP68 cases, UV-C infection control, all-in-one clinical app providing care team members the ability to call or text by role, group, department and name; removal of artifact red alarms from the care process; viewing of live physiological waveforms; respiratory depression death prevention (RDSS), and code response notification and collaboration management.

This modern CCS solution is software driven and not hardware driven.  This means the system is configurable to meet specific clinical leadership initiatives such as PRN Effectiveness and drive very specific clinical workflow practices like Veteran Rounding.  It drives behavior, accountability, and improves SAIL scores for patient experience, patient safety, staff safety and other site-specific Nurse Executive initiatives.  CCS also addresses the following specific outcomes:

  • Veteran Care Experience and Satisfaction, Fall Prevention, Code and Rapid Response, Veteran Care Awareness and Mindfulness, Pain Assessment, Rounding, Wound Turning, Wound Management, Patient Education and Discharge Planning, STAT Med Orders and PRN Effectiveness follow-up.
  • In-Hospital Complications, Healthcare-Associated Pressure Ulcer turning Rounding, Ventilator Associated Pneumonia and CAUTI reduction

This CCS has been well studied and research shows how a modern CCS improves care coordination.  These studies show CCS will help nurses know what patient requests to respond to first, respond more quickly to patient call light requests, enable nurses to receive the actionable critical alarms they need to know about, respond to code events with the context of who else is responding, elevate clinical awareness, respond to STAT Med orders and PRN effectiveness in real-time without having to log into VistA CPRS, send/receive encrypted text messages on the fly and view validated live waveforms. CCS is also known to help drive accountability organically.

A Fully Integrated Enterprise Healthcare Communication Platform

SCI’s CCS connects and mobilizes clinicians and operational staff across the healthcare enterprise. By unifying all of the communication and collaboration tools needed for high-quality care in one platform, we enable users to connect with the right people at the right time.  In healthcare, you need to be able to communicate with anyone at a moment’s notice. You can call, text, broadcast and escalate to team members, saving crucial minutes.

CCS turns nurses’ smart phones into an all-in-one communication and collaboration device that includes wi-fi-enabled VoIP; critical alarms and alerts; HIPAA- compliant text messaging; and medical apps. Using one unified communication solution nurses can collaborate with care team members based on an up-to-the-minute directory and implement efficient workflows that free up more time for patient care.

We also offer a clinical communication platform, called Spok Care Connect®, which integrates with existing workflows in your hospital and will enable you to deliver information quickly and securely into the hands of the clinicians who need to act on it—wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. From the contact center to the patient’s bedside, the Spok Care Connect communication platform provides directory details, on-call schedules, staff preferences, secure texting, and a lot more.

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