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SCI proactively survey battery levels via an asset tracking interface. Battery levels of all sites’ infrastructure and tags are monitored to determine when batteries need to be changed. SCI will ensure that the 30-day and 90-day Low Battery List (LBL) does not exceed 2% of the total asset tags in a site’s inventory. By performing this maintenance at 90-day intervals, there will not be any tags or infrastructure in the offline category due to dead batteries. After the 2% SLA is achieved, SCI will maintain that status by proactively monitoring the asset tracking interface and scheduling regular onsite visits, during which time tags and infrastructure batteries in the 30-day, 90-day and offline buckets will be replaced. SCI will document all battery management actions and instances in maintenance activity logs and notify appropriate VA officials when battery or systems performance deviates from what is expected. We summarize our findings, performance, and supporting metrics in battery management reports, which will be presented to appropriate stakeholders and VA leadership.

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