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Standard Communications understands the needs facing VA Police organizations across the country. That is why we offer the following leading-class solutions that enhance safety and optimize security.


Primary Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) A Primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is the first point of reception of a 911 call by a public safety agency. A Primary PSAP must be capable of receiving and processing enhanced 911 calls from all voice communications service providers.

When an individual dials 9-1-1 from within an organization or facility, the information that the phone system passes to the nearest 9-1-1 answering point frequently contains only the billing address of the facility and not the exact location (e.g., building, floor, room number) where the call originated from. Knowing exactly where an emergency call originates from is crucial for effective emergency response. In an emergency, how do emergency services locate a 9-1-1 caller within your facility? This white paper describes Enhanced 9-1-1 is and what you can do to help your organization mitigate risk.

Call Recording

Spok Call Recording enables you to provide callers with superior customer service through ongoing analysis of how calls are handled in your contact center. This stand-alone system records all calls in and out of your contact center, enabling supervisors to monitor agent conversations in real time. The software also provides tools to score agent performance in several customizable categories. The result is a clear view of how to improve the quality of the customer experience.

Cloud-managed Smart Security Cameras

Standard Communication’s Cloud managed Smart Camera solution is simple to deploy, configure, and manage, providing reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale.

  • Centralized Cloud Management: The Cloud management dashboard provides secure monitoring and management of all your cameras from anywhere in the world, no extra software required.
  • Super Secure: Cameras automatically purchase publicly signed SSL certificates and all management data is always encrypted by default.
  • Everything’s in the Box: With video storage and powerful hardware, there’s no need for a network video recorder (NVR) or extra analytics packages.
  • Bandwidth Conscious: A novel architecture places video storage on the camera, not in the cloud, ensuring mission critical network activities get the bandwidth they need.

Stream local, stream remote. View customizable video walls from anywhere in the world using the Cloud management dashboard in a web browser. Cameras come with everything needed for a successful deployment in the box. Add cameras to a network before they even arrive and adjust both optical and software settings remotely.

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