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Patient-to-nurse communication improves when wireless phone technologies are integrated with the SCI’s Enterprise Nurse Call system. Caregivers can respond to calls and communicate with patients immediately, no matter where they are on the unit. Event notifications triggered by SCI’s Enterprise Nurse Call solution are sent directly to the appropriate staff member’s mobile device. This fast, direct communication allows nurses to stay connected to their patients, respond faster and do what they do best—provide quality care. The integration of wireless phones also reduces the noise level within the unit, which benefits both patients and staff.

Flexibility and Performance

SCI’s Nurse call solution software delivers:

  • Single Staff Assignment to multiple systems
  • Improved phone integration and performance without the need for middleware
  • Sophisticated and comprehensive automated business intelligence reports and dashboards
  • Options for real-time location systems
  • Intuitive and interactive PC Displays/Whiteboards
  • Hundreds of advanced workflow options
  • Integration to other workflow solutions
  • Enterprise capable system with centralized management
  • Standardization of data and server network
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest


Review. Modify. Improve. Perform:

  • Enterprise Templates and Workflows standardize care models and minimize time
  • Centralized change management allows modifications to be made quickly and easily
  • Enterprise has a robust staff assignment process to reduce time spent at shift change
  •  Staff and performance dashboards will highlight staff usage, compare and evaluate workflows, and drive care plan compliance
  • Reviewing and monitoring workflow dashboards will empower units to share best practices across the Enterprise

Single User Interface… Single Sign On with SCI’s Nurse call solution software:

Create efficiency and save time on training with a single software interface across the entire hospital on SCI’s Nurse call solution units. Staff members have only one, easy to use software application to interact with no matter where they are working in the hospital. When nurses sign on duty, staff assignments are easily synchronized with up to five essential systems such as medical devices, EMR, mobile phones, interactive TV and RTLS.

Instant Communication Promotes Greater Patient Satisfaction with Direct Connect:

The system utilizes the sophisticated Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephony interface of SCI’s Nurse call solution so that staff members get immediate notification of patient calls on their wireless phone and can instantly answer the call with no dial-back delays. Now you can use SIP-capable wireless phones and smartphones… no middleware required.

Get Nurse Call Reporting the Way You Want and Expect with Reports Advantage:

SCI’s Nurse call solution delivers an enterprise-capable advance business intelligence reporting platform that customizes and automates reporting. Use SCI’s Nurse call solution software to gain sophisticated and comprehensive reporting and empower staff to improve patient care.

Answer Code Calls from a Central Location:

In hospitals where Code calls are triaged from a centralized location, a SCI’s Nurse call solution Nurse Console receives all the calls, plus gives the operator the ability to communicate with the room. All the Code calls for the entire facility can also be displayed on the Responder PC Console software application.

Robust Performance on Your Timetable:

We can structure the SCI Nurse call solution in a way that allows you to create a Nurse/Patient technology plan over a period of time, rather than having a large capital expenditure within any one budget year. You can choose to upgrade individual units to the SCI’s Nurse call solution advantages if and when it is appropriate and fits the capital plan.

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