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Standard Communications has partnered with Parable Health, Inc. (Parable) to provide a telemonitoring and analytics solution that allows the VA to measure, monitor, and manage wound patient populations. The software provides scheduled check-ins on their mobile devices, automated 3D measurements, secure messaging tools, clinical reviews, documentation, and reporting activities. SCI and Parable team up to provide a solution to address post-acute and inpatient as well as ambulatory and home care follow-up needs. The following outlines Parable’s various features that address these needs.

For post-acute and inpatient needs, Parable enhances chronic wound management with automated measurements, standardized documentation, smart treatment protocols, and actionable analytics. Two distinct features include:

  • Smart Capture: Parable captures and analyzes wounds in 2D and 3D as well as automatically measures wound size with consistency and precision. The solution also includes smart photo alignment and time lapse playback to enable providers to view the image at a variety of angles.
  • Panorama Dashboard: This functionality will allow Phoenix providers to better manage the Veteran patient population, from a bird’s-eye-view to an individual patient. Using this dashboard, providers are able to proactively identify those in need of intervention or catch small issues before they become worse.

Overall, Parable enables consistent measurements, documentation, and treatment approaches with robust computer vision technology, custom frameworks, and recommendation engine. Such a solution streamlines documentation, clinical review, and reporting activities It leverages actionable analytics and alerts to more proactively manage the Veteran patient population. Finally, Parable will reduce excessive labor, transportation, and supply cost with a centralized review model.

For ambulatory follow-up needs, Parable complements or replaces in-person follow-ups with store-and-forward telemedicine. Certain functionality will allow Phoenix providers to collaborate on care via text. Some of the features include:

  • Virtual Check-Ins: The solution provides automated reminders that walk Veteran patients through scheduled check-ins on their mobile devices, where and when it works for them. Providers can review at their convenience so there is no need to align schedules.
  • Guided Photos: The solution provides superimposed guide images that help Veteran patients take consistently aligned photos throughout the course of recovery.
  • Adaptive Protocol: The solution’s dynamic assessments feature captures additional information from Veteran patients and adapted based on logic trees and patient inputs.

Overall, Parable’s asynchronous virtual visit feature enables teams to better manage costs (e.g. retain more of global surgical packages) and free up time for new billable services by reducing the volume of routine follow-up appointments. Real-time images and communication from Veteran patients, combined with actionable analytics, will allow Phoenix care teams to respond faster, particularly between in-person visits. Finally, Parable provides a more convenient follow-up experience and peace of mind. Studies at customer sites for an array of healthcare facilities show that patients prefer Parable “virtual check-ins” over office visits or phone calls, with satisfaction ratings at 96%.

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